The Bendigo speedboat ace, Lloyd Willian, is only two points behind John Lewis in voting for the 1970 Sporting Globe Medal.

In the Griffith Cup on Lake Eppalock, Lewis was placed second and Willian third and both did well in events that followed.

Willians who contested more races, and had the disadvantage of a more lightly powered boat, scored 12 points to Lewis's 8. This closed the gap between them from six points to two.

There is still delay in the return of votes from the Nagambie Club's Easter Monday Meeting. Willian did well at this meeting, and these votes could improve his position.

Votes are still to come from a number of meetings conducted by the East Gippsland Aquatic Club, which could enhance the position of Plugger Graham, although he has been on the side lines a lot lately, with a sick motor in Debbie Too.

Lloyd Willian, in Hoots Mon, and John Lewis, in Vulture the outstanding boats racing on the Victorian circuits at the moment - clash at the Geelong Club's meeting on Lake Modewarre tomorrow.

The Bendigo Powerboat Club's judges on Griffiths Cup day voted:

Lloyd Willain (Hoots Mon)     12
Bob Saniga (Stampede)         
John Lewis (Vulture)               8
Jack Long (Scrub Cat)            1

The position of the leaders:

88    John Lewis (Vulture)
86    Lloyd Willian (Hoots Mon)
66    Glen Graham (Debbie Too)

50    Trevor Mathews (Assassin)
26    Ron Leaney (Meteor)
24    Stan Thorpe (Kanga)
24    Bob Graham
23    Jack Long (Scrub Cat)


Madden, T. 1970, 'Speedboats Big Clash,' Sporting Globe, April.