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Vulture 1970's

The Vulture Bus

Clipper Flible 1970's at the Races
Vulture Bus Front End with the Vulture Smokin **And, when John goes away to Boort, and anywhere else, he is going to travel in style.
The boy has bought himself a bus, a trans-continental, clipper no less, and fully armed with license has had it done out in the most delightful shade of bright orange and white trimmings.
Inside is fitted out like a traveling luxury hotel suite. (I heard somebody say he is now going to acquire a purple Mustang to tow along behind as a tender.)
4th NOVEMBER 1971 PAGE 5

Vulture Clipper with Geoff's 390ci Mustang in foreground

#In foreground Geoff's 390ci Mustang

Terry Ryan (Propshop) Bob Wilmot and Ian Williams Clipper -  The Vulture Bus

#From left : Terry Ryan (Propshop) Bob Wilmot and Ian Williams: Seddon and The Vulture Bus


#The Vulture Bus has had many owners since John sold her - The Bush Wackers had the Vulture clipper - Before them it was a Jeff Kennett (not the ex prem.) of Kennett ladder Family. He stripped out the good conversion (except for the toilet in the rear luggage compartment) and then lost interest and bought a speed boat!!
After the Bush Wackers, it went to Ray Emery and then to myself (Alan Hartney).
#Photos and Information donated by Alan Hartney

Flxible Clipper Coach 2004 with May West CLIPPER FLXIBLE as it stands today

*I recall John bought one in 1972 and Bob and I camped with you for several days using your Clipper as a base for meals etc.
"Your" clipper still exists! It was bought a few years ago by a chap in Bordertown (Bob and Annette Turner) and he very extensively rebuilt it and fitted a 454 Chev petrol engine (converted to gas) with about 450hp – your Dad would be proud of it! Bob is a hotrod guy, and the bus (coach) has flames down the side and a larger than life airbrushing of May West on the back. The Flxible Clipper club (I am the Vice-president) knows the history of "your" Clipper pretty much since John sold it.

*Clippers were an interstate coach that actually pioneered long distance passenger road transport in Australia (people generally couldn't afford to fly in those days and travelled by train). They were a terrific vehicle, most did about 3 million miles with Pioneer before they were sold off to (a few to people like your parents but most to private bus )operators and were reliable high speed vehicles for many years, often going very long distances on unmade roads (e.g Adelaide to Perth mostly unmade, Adelaide to Alice Springs then Darwin mostly unmade etc. etc.)
* Photos and Information donated by Ian Williams

Hi Guys, I'm Bob Turner of Bordertown. We have A.F 122 which we bought from Alan Hartney in 1997. Your articles on John and the Vulture bus have filled in a few of the gaps to do with the life of our old coach since she came out of service. She was in a pretty dismal state when we bought her from Alan in 97. We spent about 8000 Hrs over a three year period doing her up. Mae has been back on the road for some 5 years now and we tow a trailer with our ute behind. She has a big block Chev on L.P.G. She has 5 tanks and holds 580 Ltrs of gas. We have 450 H.P and 500 Ft Lbs of torque. We have 450 Ft Lbs at 1800 R.P.M. and 500 at 5500 R.P.M. We run an Alison 4 speed auto and have her on Kenworth air! bags. We are hot rodders and this is a hotrod coach. The inside is decked out in pink and pearl white and resembles a 50s diner. She is still the most powerfull Clipper in the fleet and the fastest and the most economical. We have had her out to 140km but the road got a bit rough. Anyway, It was good reading of John and his achievements and the link to the Vulture bus.
Best Regards from Bob and Annette Turner
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