The aircraft jet powered hydroplane, Exciter, will give two demonstration runs at the Kimbolton Cup meeting, on Kimbolton Pool, Lake Eppalock, tomorrow.

This will be one of the rare occasions this unconventional craft has been seen in the water.

Because of the obvious dangers to competitors from its jet exhaust, it is not allowed to race.

Built by Tommy Watts to break his own Australian water speed record and world 1200 kg. Reacteur (jet) record of 162 mph, set in a smaller boat, the 20ft. hydroplane has not yet had a serious attempt at that record.

After an impressive warm-up run in kilo trials during the winter of ’72, Watts re-engined the hull with a conventional motor, for circuit racing.

The hull proved unsuitable, and he went back to racing his smaller boat, Exciter Too, which has scored a run of victories this season, and is favourite to win tomorrow’s Kimbolton Cup.

Watts has now re-engined Exciter with the jet, and although he has had the boat past150 mph in trials, he believes that hull modifications are necessary before he can hope to break the 200 mph barrier.

Given good water tomorrow, he intends to take the boat up to 150 mph, but no higher.

After hull modifications have been carried out, Exciter will attempt to break 200 mph at the VSBC’s kilo trials on Lake Eppalock, during the coming winter.

Australia’s only boat propelled by an aircraft engine -  Exciter's Tommy Watts
*Above - Australia’s only boat propelled by an aircraft engine. Exciter (Tommy Watts), will make one of its rare appearances at the Kimbolton Cup meeting, on Lake Eppalock, tomorrow. Watts, who hopes to break 200 mph later this year, plans to take the boat up close to his Australian water speed record of 162 mph in a demonstration run, if water conditions are suitable.

If nothing goes wrong, Tommy Watts could have as easy a drive in Exciter Too, in the Kimbolton Cup tomorrow, as he has in demonstration runs in his big, aircraft jet-powered hydroplane, Exciter.

Barring the Griffith Cup winner, VS-41 (Stampede), which is being prepared for shipment to America to contest the world motor boat championship, Exciter Too has proved the outstanding boat on the Victorian circuit this season.

The only boat which might trouble her for speed, Pitstop, will not be contesting the Kimbolton Cup.

Watt’s most formidable opponent will be consistent Vulture (John Lewis), which is the Victorian and Australian unlimited open champion.

Vulture inherited both those titles virtually by default. She has not been able to pace it with Exciter Too in the big cups.

But Vulture is an improved boat, and is reliable.

If there is any thing amiss with Exciter Too’s big hemi-engine, she should take the race.

Watts had problems the Eppalock Gold Cup, and, in test runs later, those problems accelerated into a bent a fractured bearing.

He believes he has everything right again, and is playing safe by reducing blower pressure.

Tomorrow’s race will be the test.

Redline is finished for the season.

Black Knight and Super Roo haven’t managed to put a score on the board, this season, and would be lucky to trouble either Vulture or Exciter Too.

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