Ron Haylock


Frantic Too Picture from Aqua News August 1972 Article "Big Future for Formula Ford"


Frantic was Ron Haylock's variation on a Hal Kelly design called Jupiter. It was a
9ft 10inc semi-Cabover outboard hydroplane. Ron used the plans in a book
called How to Build 20 Boats which he bought for 75c in 1960. (He still has
it!). He modified it to suit an inboard motor and used a Triumph Tiger 100
motorcycle engine. Frantic's Australasian speed record is included.
Apparently it was a world record too, but there were no officials on-hand
to verify it.

Frantic Too was Ron's design which was the very first Formula Ford hydroplane. They used to sell the plans for $20.00 because he thought it would be great if everyone had a chance to race and he had help from a engineer friend Geoff
Jenkins with the motor. I have all of the specifications, microfiche of the
plans, details of every expense, the original Formula Ford Handbook, and
even the note
s Ron wrote after every run. In 1972 Ron offered Geoff the
opportunity to drive and he won the aggregrate cup for the Victorian Speed
Boat Club.

Info and pictures Donated by Linda (Ron Haylock's daughter)

Formula Ford News- Ron Haylock reports