'Monster' in the mood
Stampede, the huge 2 ½ - ton hydroplane which won the 1970 E. C. Griffiths Cup last Sunday, reached the starting point only through its owner's perseverance.

Shortly after Stan Jones and Bob Saniga bought the monster in 1967, she demoralised the opposition, the first heat of the Victorian unlimited open championship.

But she lost oil pressure in the second heat and, until late last Saturday --only a few hours before the Griffiths Cup -- has not looked like winning another race.

The boat's motor certainly has been a headache for Jones and Saniga, but they persevered with her.

Modifications were made and in the end, the entire weight distribution in the boat was altered,
In the Eppaclock Gold Cup, for the first time in more than two years the, mighty motor percolated happily – but all the Glenmaggie Monster did was lumber behind the field.
But the boys were not disheartened.

They knew the boat was wrongly propped, and only raced to give the motor a run.

A finer pitch screw arrived just before Easter and, late on Saturday afternoon Stampede streaked across Kimbolten Pool in one of the most impressive pre-race trials.

Bad weather did the rest. At starting time a hard south-westerly was blowning down the championship course.

Veteran Sydney champion, Ernie Nunn, winner of the 1968 Griffith Cup, refused to race.
The 1969 winner, Assassin, pulled out after completing half a lap.

The great Sydney runabout, Jo-Blo – hot favorite in conditions which literally killed the conventional hydroplanes chances – quickly raced to the front. At the end of the second lap, Jo-Blo kited high in the air, came down on her nose and disintegrated.

With Jo Blo gone, Stampede was left in front and Bob Saniga merely had to keep the big aircraft engine rumbling along on about three quarter throttle.

Bob Saniga believes Stampede could have taken Jo Blo any time he wanted. He was sitting in behind, when the smash occurred, with more than 1000 revs up his sleeve.

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