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Vulture 1970's

John Lewis – Owner / Driver of Vulture
Held many titles, broke records and received recognition for his contribution and commitment to the Speed Boat Sport
1970 – September 20th –
First Australian Unsupercharged Displacement Boat to exceed 100 mph at the ¼ mile trails
on Melton Weir – Vulture pulled 8.85 seconds 100 mph badge
1970 –
John Lewis received the “Australia Day Medal” for Outstanding Prowess in the field of Sport.
1975 –
John Lewis won the
“Sporting Globes Power Boating Man of the Year”
1975 –
Winner of the E.C. Griffith Cup
This site is constructed mainly from two cardboard boxes full of newspaper clippings, photos, certificates & donations from other boat fans

John Lewis- Owner / Driver of Vulture
Vulture - Runabout 

Vulture - Hydroplane

Vulture - Victoria - The Lewis Bus

Bindy, Joy & John Lewis

Last up-date 15th Oct 2011

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John Lewis - owner/driver of Vulture

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