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“Proprider” is the registered name of the Victorian Speed Boat Club monthly magazine.

EDITOR/SEC: Raymond W. Loon
Commodore: Keith Jenkinson

COVER PICTUREBy courtesy of Bob Wilmot

VULTURE, owned and driven by John Lewis is seen in what is probably one of the best action photos taken of this hydroplane since it has come on the scene.

This picture may have been taken during the last Kilo trials held by the V.S.B.C. when John earned his 100MPH badge by recording 105.8 MPH during his run which is not too bad an achievement for a 5 litre motor.

This also makes VULTURE a force to be reckoned with in the BP UNLIMITED CUP on the 28th October at Lake Eppalock, which is the first Major race of the new season and promises to be quite a hotly contested event.

If you have managed to read this issue of the Proprider so far, it will mean that after you have finished reading it, do not let it go out of your sight, you have a valuable property in your hands…

It’s the October 1973 Issue which will probably become a collectors piece, because it is the first time that the Proprider has been printed on our own Offset Printing Machine.

True! … At last we have one that is technical minded, a Multilith 1250, obtained for the Club at a very reasonable figure by our genial Race Secretary: Ron Willshire, who put in an unbelievable amount of work to get it for us.

Getting the machine tuned out to be the easy part of the job, but trying to get it shifted into my office at my home was impossible.

Never the less, we did get it in, but only by the valiant efforts of Ron Willshire, Ron Hull, Alan Dick, Max Bullen, John Lewis and with myself playing the very important role of showing them where to place the machine.

At the very least, it would have to weigh something like half a ton, and I called for assistance from these boys on a Saturday night, (The Proprider – Page 4) around 8pm, when just starting to relax after returning home from a working bee (making the playground equipment).

I would not be telling the truth, if I said they agrees to help with good grace, because the phone turned purple with the shocking oaths and phrases that were uttered, why I don’t know, because it shouldn’t have been that much trouble. After all, Ron Hull was only just about to sit down to have his dinner, and I just caught Max Bullen as he was about to get into the bath after which he was going to waste time by going straight to bed…

Anyway , when they arrived, they only had to lift it off Ronnie’s trailer, up six steps, around through the passage and into the office. As I said before, it wasn’t easy, but they did it. Thanks again to all you guys.

As well and the printing machine, the Club now has an IBM electric typewriter, with which this issue is being typed on, and also through the kindness of Tom Barnes, we now have a WET Copying Machine, which will enable me to make all the plates that may be necessary to cope with all the Club’s printing requirements.

Maybe you don’t think we should have got all this equipment, but at let me tell you why we have.

Last financial year, the V.S.B.C. spent close to $3,000 on printing alone. This was made up by such items as the Proprider, envelopes, letterheads, pit passes, invoices, programmes (including the Griffith Cup), social tickets, etc.

With our own machine, I should be able to chop that figure down to a reasonable amount, as we will be paying for materials only, and I am hoping to be able to include a bigger photographic content in future issues with the help of Tom’s copying machine.

The only thing al this equipment will not do, is compose articles that can be printed in the Proprider. That has to be done by you chaps. Once again I must appeal for help in this department, you’ve let me down again… nothing from Formula Ford… 100 ci… 225 ci… 266 ci… 5 litre… and Unlimited (John Lewis is excused this once, with a new arrival expected any time… but only just this once John).

After all, this is supposed to be a racing club, and people expect to be able to read racing news or topics, they should not have to put up with me filling up space like this.

The Proprider – Page 4 A


Whilst the Club membership has not been reducing over the last five years, it has not increased anywhere nearly as rapidly as we would like to see.

The V.S.B.C. are conducting all the major Unlimited racing held in Victoria, which is without doubt the best racing to be seen anywhere in Australia.

We also run Club meetings, and now Aquacross to cater for quick Ski-boats and newcomers to the sport.

Our home waters at Albert Park and Eppalock are without doubt the best available in Victoria for the purpose for which they are both used.

The other meetings we conduct at Yarrawonga and Nillacoote are both well known and followed by boaties from throughout all States.

Our Clubrooms are centrally situated and are being used more often by our enthusiastic Social Committee; who are now holding excellent evenings with a wide variety of appeal to everyone.

The Club also has an excellent and active Ladies Committee, who have been of tremendous help to the Club, and have assisted in such things as: Working on the gate and ticket box at Eppalock, raising money and running Social Evenings, preparing and selling food at race days and social events, etc. etc.

We also have an excellent camping area at Eppalock, which has been improving rapidly over the last two years, and now boasts the addition of a Diesel powered Electric Generator to supply permanent electric power to the area.

Eppalock is an excellent area to get away from it all on weekends other than race meetings, when water skiing, fishing or just plain camping may be enjoyed.

We need, as a Member, that friend or friend of yours; you know (The Proprider – Page 5 AD) those friends that follow all our events, both social and racing. The one’s that should have been members years ago.

How about putting a little bit of pressure on them to join up?

Each month, in the Proprider, a new tally will be shown. There are now 225 ? ? ? members as of the 20th October 1974 (note to reader – this was the date mentioned but it is obviously not correct). Each of us should be able to gain at least one new member, so let’s give it a big push.

How about twenty new members to be shown in next months Proprider?

Enclosed with each Proprider in future, will be a Nomination form for your use.


Here is a list of new Members who have joined the club over the last few months:
Phillip Walker, Neil Northfield, George Cogdell, Alexander Trevascus, John Egar, Standley Grunden, William Miller, Ian Jarvie, Alan Denham, Keith Livesay.

Welcome aboard chaps.

After complaining about John Lewis earlier in this issue, re no articles from him this month, (He did tell me that he couldn’t write articles and have babies at the same time), he shows up last night with a stack of material which, he insists, must go in the Proprider.

So, the call goes out “Stop the presses”, so we stop and start again. Next, our Commodore has something, “that must go in the Proprider”… Stop again, restart.

“We must have Crashboats for the BP UNLIMITED CUP, put it in the Proprider” is the demand from our Vice Commodore, Stop etc. This is why some pages are numbered AD (after deadline)

The Proprider – Page 5

EPPALOCK REPORT..............John Lewis

The last working bee at Eppalock was again very successful, with approx. 12 workers on the Saturday, and more than 50 on the Sunday.

All work that we hoped to have done during the day, was actually completed by 1.30 pm. Then we started on work that wasn't even listed; then we even reached a stage where we had to find work.

The result was excellent, and to all of the 60 or so Guys who assisted, goes a big thankyou. The workers names are too numerous to mention in the Proprider, but a special thankyou is due to Jack Long who used his own 15 yard Semi-Tipper to transport all of the equipment and gear to Eppalock. Special thank-you also to Roger Andrews, who used his own Concrete Mixer Truck to transport approx. 5 yards of concrete from Melbourne to Eppalock.

Coming up, we have another working bee on Saturday 27th October, the day prior to the BP UNLIMIMTED Race Meeting. The work to be done is as follows:
1..Install chain wire mesh on 540’ of fence line. (Poles are installed)
2..Installation of flags, bunting, banners and signs.
3..Installing the buoys for the race course.
4..Installation of Generator (if possible)

On Sunday 14th October, the club purchased a second hand Diesel driven Alternator for supplying Electric power to the site. The single phase 10 HP Alternator set is complete with Diesel engine, drives, generator, switchboard etc., and is mounted on a heavy steel frame and weighs half a ton.

Previously used at a lodge by a ski-club who had no further use for it, with the installation of SEC power. We were able to purchase it for $620, complete with spare engine bits.

At this early stage, the unit appears to need a few minor repairs, and we have hauled it to Keith Jenkinson's factory in South Melbourne, so as to be available for a working bee on it and also for Bob Bell to take a quailied look at the Electrical side of things.

The alternator produces 9 K.V.A., which in laymans' terms, is "a Bloody lota juice", and is equal to what the SEC would have provided at a cost of nearly $6000.

Because of the size and noise of the generator, we believe it best to install it in a specially constructed shed, well away from the main Camping Area, probably adjacent to the top toilet block. (The Proprider – Page 6) This will then mean, that we again require the services of several good Electricians and a further working bee to install the generator, shed, overhead wirin and poles etc.

OFFICIAL 1973/74 A.P.B.A. RACING CALENDAR ...... John Lewis.

There are now 86 Boat race meetings to be conducted between September and June. How can we expect an amateur sport to carry this many meetings and still be successful?

There are probably more Race meetings, than there are race boats. Is it any wonder that smaller boat clubs are ceasing to exist, or have cancelled any further race meetings. (Such as Nagambie and Bendigo) Also many country clubs are trying to hold a meeting with only 7 or 8 boats participating.

Obviously, there are at least four times more meetings than we could comfortably afford to have, that is, if we would like to see interesting and competitive racing.

All clubs must share the blame for the current situation, although the V.S.B.C. appears to be the main offender with 17 dates on the calendar. Melbourne Runabout Club = 8, Hazelwood = 6, Geelong = 7 etc

The large number of meetings held by the V.S.B.C. has been enlarged by the addition of the new Aquacross meetings. Whilst Aquacross is worthy of a position on our racing calendar, added to our presently overcrowded calendar, it may bust at the seams, The V.S.B.C. has already received unfriendly letters and complaints from other clubs in regard to this matter.

Perhaps it is time the A.P.B.A. had the power to limit each club to a maximum number of race meetings, that is if they are able to stop fighting amongst themselves, long enough to be able to see what is happening to us boaties.

Perhaps if there were only one meeting, three weeks apart, we would see a worthwhile races, instead of 2 or 3 meetings each weekend spread over all of Victoria.

On a brighter note for the V.S.B.C., we are the only club in Victoria conducting major meetings, now that Bendigo have dropped the Kimbolton Cup. These are: The BP Unlimited Cup, Yarrawonga (2.), Nillacoote, Griffith Cup, and Gold Cup.

The only big race meetings ether than those above, are the Victorian and the Australian Championships, which usually turn out to be an all (continued on page 15)

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Congratulations are, in order for the Moffat family; Barbara presented Keith with a daughter, Linda on September 25th, Both fit and well.

Joy Lewis was enjoying herself at the Social, Night, so we hope to have a Stop Press Notice about Joy.

It was a very profitable day for the Committee pan Opening Day, $200 was added to the account, but we needed it, as we've been spending quite a bit lately, $150 for a slide, $50 for trees at Eppalock, but we still have enough to equip our own kitchen if we ever get one at Albert Park; as well as modern electrical equipment, we would like to purchase decent crockery etc., but until we have decent vermin-proof cupboards that can be locked, we think it silly to do so. We are always amazed at the amount of equipment that vanishes, disappointed too, it's hard enough working in these surroundings, but, to find that; people will take what little we do have is rather frustrating, even the little display stand I had for cigarettes and lollies has gone and words fail me.

We sold 57 tickets for the Picture Night, so we look like dipping into the of account pretty deeply for the kids’ toys for the Christmas Party, Any donations will be gratefully received; if you would rather help that way instead of going to the Picture Night, How about it? Col Brown, our Father Christmas, has already sent a donation.

Our next, meeting is Thursday October 25, so we look forward to seeing any ladies who would like to join us, we really do enjoy ourselves.

STOP PRESS; Word has just come through that Joy Lewis has just presented John with their third daughter... as yet no name has been advised... Both doing well.

Formula Ford Hull (hydro) Haylock designed and built. Complete with flotation, rudder and mounting, skeg, fin. All brand new... $490

Also Brand new 1600 G. T. Motor, extractors., mounting plates... $290 Many trailer and boat bits to suit also available from: Tom Barnes... Tel. XXX XXXX.

The Proprider - Page 10

One of our young new racing drivers, Peter White, has announced his Engagement to Sue Boughton…

Congratulations Peter… No Wedding date has been planned as yet, but Sue is taking an active interest in Peter's sporting activities, for she became a Member of the Ladies Committee last month.

New distinctive cloth badges will be on sale at Eppalock on Sunday 28th October, when the Club will be conducting the newly named, BP UNLIMITED CUP.

V.S.B.C Unlimited Eppalock OCT'73 Badge

These badges are for the serious collector and have been obtained for the Club by Ron Simpson, who has spent considerable time and effort in getting a badge designed with a bright colour scheme and featuring the words, BP UNLIMITED 1973

So keep your eye open so that you can obtain one of these on Sunday 28th. There has only been a limited amount ordered.

As well as brightening up that old jacket, you could be helping the Club too, by purchasing one or two on that day.

Bob Hellyer reports that our consultants have obtained yet another sponsor for the Club.

Home Pride Bread. Only $250 so far, but we are hoping for much more next year...They all add to the pile.

NEXT GENERAL MEETING... 25th. October.
At the last General Meeting, the subject of paying appearance money was raised by Tom Watts and was supported by Don Preece. Also their feelings were: that anyone with a 100 MPH Badge and a boat capable of doing the Ton, should not have to pay entry fees at race meetings.

After a lengthy discussion, during which various ideas were put forward, it was decided to list some of them in this issue, so that they can be discussed at this next meeting, when any member interested can have their say, (The Proprider - Page 11) of paying appearance money, split up the prize money down the line so that all competitors will receive something if they finish the race.

Of course this will mean that Prize money for first place would be decreased to enable prizes to be awarded to the tailenders.

Another method was suggested that Prize money be paid down the line only as far as fifth place.

This subject has been placed on the agenda for the next meeting and will be the first item to be discussed e The Meeting will commence at 8 pm SHARP, even if there is only a quorum present. So if you are interested in the subject…don't be late.
The practice of supplying refreshments to the workers, after the running of the BP Unlimited Race Meeting, has been dropped in favour of entertaining them at a special night after the close of the season.

By workers, I mean those people that work on the Race Committee, Pits, Crash Boats and others that assist in the running of all our race meetings during the years


Our Commodore, Keith Jenkinson is appealing for help in the running of our various race meetings, particularly this next one, the BP UNLIMITED CUP.

Unfortunately, we have lost the services of our property steward, and also this time , Ron Simpson will not be available, and his help will be badly missed. One of Ron's tasks was that of erecting signs around the Kyneton areas directing traffic to our Eppalock area.

What we do need, is someone or even more than one if possible, to take over that job, which also entails the removal of these signs and the storing of same.

There are stacks of jobs that need doing, and no-one to do them, Don't be like so many who say after the event, "I'd have done it if you'd asked me." Don't wait to be asked, hop in now and give Keith a call and set his mind at rest. Even if you have only recently joined the Club, this is a great way to get to know everyone. These jobs are not back-breakers and each takes only a little time, but there are so many of theme… SO PLEASE HELP.

The Proprider - Page 12

SOCIAL SCENE…………………. Allan Dick

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who came to our last Social, at the Clubhouse. It was really a great night with the band and most of the 130 people swinging on till the early hours of the morning.

A very special thankyou to the Committee who worked so hard setting up the rooms and supplying the supper. The only disappointment we had was the 20 odd people who ordered tickets but didn't arrive on the night. This cost the Club some $60 odd. There was only one person who had the decency to pay the outstanding money. To overcome this problem, we will request that tickets are paid for prior to the night, which will be December 1st.

So all those people who enjoyed themselves at the last night and those who wish to come along on December 1st please contact Shirley Loon on XXX XXXX.

The Special Effort is going along reasonably well, but I really expected a lot more ticket butts and money in by now, I ask you to all realize that the success of this effort is to sell all the tickets, without achieving this the effort will be unsuccessful.

The only chance we have of selling all the tickets will be at the BP Unlimited Cup; so please send in your money and any unsold books prior to this day.

I hope there will be no books returned, as we still have some 800 odd tickets to sell. If anyone thinks they can sell more tickets, please contact me on XXX XXXX, l shall have a further report for you in next month's Proprider.

By courtesy of one of our members, Max Lamb, we will be showing the FEATURE FILM… l6mm COLOUR & SOUND…
                                             “M I L L I O N  D O L L A R  M O M E N T S”
Which is the Spectacular movie of the 1971 action packed, spills and thrills INDIANAPPOLOS 500 car race. This film features some of the 200 MPH crashes in slow motion and is recognized as the most spectacular movie ever to go on the screen involving car racing. Meeting, Supper, Refreshments and Movie... October 25th.

The Proprider - Page 13
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The Proprider – Page 15

(continued from page 6)
day procession, although both will be conducted in Victoria this season and will probably receive a good entry of boats.

Perhaps the day will eventually come, when a true Champion is decided over a series of specified races held over the entire season.

Now it's our Vice Commodore who appealing for help in the Crash-boat department. BP UNLIMITED CUP coming up and a shortage of available boats to fill this important role.

This is an opportunity for those members with a skiboat who would like to participate more actively in the conduct of our race meetings. If you feel that this job is for you, and you would like to help us, give a ring immediately to either John Nason… XXX XXXX or Alan Millard... XXX XXX. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Although only a rumor at the moment, stories are starting to spread that Stan Jones will be rebuilding STAMPEDE to defend his ''Griffith Cup" title, From a V.S.B.C. view-point, we desperately need the big hydroplane, because without it, would leave the race wide open.

Although we have several quick hydros capable of winning, they have proved that they hardly even go the full distance.

Whilst the Club is not going to fall apart if we lose the Australasian championship, we certainly wish to continue to run the Cup as long as possible.

At the last Glenmaggie Kilo on September 7th., PITSTOP again failed to break STANPEDE'S Austra1ian record. The best of a number of runs recorded by Don Preece, was around 145 MPH, which could mean that the boat may not be capable of any quicker speeds than have been recorded over the last four kilo attempts.

John Dent driving SCORPIO (ex Rawhide) owned by Nankervis and Duggan set a new Victorian record for Unlimited Displacement with 92.2 MPH replacing Harvey Gunn’s previous record of 91 MPH, which replaced VULTURE’S record of 90.3 MPH.

All these records have been set during the last three years, which shows a lot of interest in this class. Prior to VULTURE, the record (The Proprider – Page 16) was held by Alan Fordham’s VENUS for seven years at 89 MPH.

The current unrest from several Victorian Unlimited drivers, who eventually demanded appearance money from our Club before starting in any future races, has come to an abrupt end. The official word or words from the V.S.B.C. Committee, to these two or three Unlimited drivers, were all four letter words of descriptive meaning.

Anyway, the answer from the Committee was clear and concise and apparently understood.

It appears that these drivers have decided to go and race as in the past.

The only difference to the BP UNLIMITED race, is that the Prize money has been split more evenly over the first five places, starting at $125 to $100, $75, $50, and $25. The idea being to put the emphasis on finishing the race, so as to gain some share of the money instead of the all out, foot down, win or bust situation created at present by a large First prize, followed by relatively very little.

Harvey Gunn is very close to completing a new COMBINE runabout, to be again powered by a 350 Fuel Injected Chev. There is sure to be good racing between this boat and SCORPIO, CHEETA AND STINGA in the Unlimited Displacement class.

Ray Adams is close to completion of a new engine for MISS COLDSTREAM, this time he is using an imported engine block in an effort to minimize past oiling problems.

Pat Hawthorn has removed the front driven blower from the 440 Magnum engine and has installed the more popular belt driven overhead supercharger and manifold.

Tom Watts has returned from the U.S.A. with very latest in Electronic timing gear. He has had it prepared for Kilo work, although some problems are sure to arise, as to where to mount the light beams in the water.

Tom guarantees complete accuracy, which will be a big improvement over existing timing methods. (continued on page 16 A )

The Proprider - Page 16 A D

Record Marine have now released their new Racing Jacket with BACK-CHUTE.

This specially constructed jacket has a small parachute strongly attached to it, a small thin line is then attached to the boat from the chute rip cord.

When the driver of a quick boat comes to grief and is thrown from the boat, usually high into the air as happened with both STAMPEDE and AGGRESSOR, the chute opens, allowing the driver to slow his fall speed and also land feet first into the water.

This chute when used properly, will prevent many injuries and save a few lives, which makes it a worthwhile and necessary part of racing equipment for the quicker boats.

It will now be interesting to see how many of our drivers consider it worthwhile spending $239 on increased safety equipment, a gamble on the chance of a broken spine.

There was this chap walking one dark night through the streets of a town in Ireland (where all the trouble is), when he finds himself accosted by a masked man, who presses a pistol against his head, and demands to know " Which side are you on ?"

Thinking as fast as his brain will allow, he thinks to himself, "If I say that I'm a Catholic and this fellow is a Protestant, he's going to shoot me... and if I say that I'm a Protestant and turns out to be a Catholic, he's still going to shoot me".

Quick as a flash, he says, "I'm a Jew ".

The masked gunman replies," You would be the unluckiest Jew in the World because I'm the only Arab in Ireland,'

If you won't write articles for the Proprider, at least tell me some new jokes. Or if you have some good clear photos of boats in action, let me have them, so I can include them in future editions.

The Proprider - Page 17 A


FORMULA FORD........................................NIL

100 CI............................................................NIL

225 CI............................................................NIL


5 LITRE..........................................................NIL


V.S.B.C. Calendars included with this Proprider, are by courtesy of: Bob Wilmot and RECORD LIFE JACKETS

Thanks Bob.






The Proprider –
Page 17


This month…………………STAN HAMMOND

Stan first competed in motor sport, driving an M.G.-T.C. in hill climbs. At this time, his friend Mac Kennedy and Alex Stevens were racing a top small boat named TINY +1. Stan was offered a drive and as so impressed, that he decided on the spot to build a small racing boat and ATOM was the result.

It was 1955 when Stan first raced in ATOM, which was later modified over the years. The boat’s top speed of 35 MPH in 1955 climbed to 60.8 MPH by 1970. He became the only driver to win the V.S.B.C. Aggregate Shield three times, which is no mean effort by any standards.

Standing to Stan’s credit are 115 firsts, 35 State and National Championships and Speed records. Stan left the ship unintentionally six times in his fifteen years of racing, with no real serious injuries.

ATOM is now permanently housed in the Science Museum of Victoria.

His new boat, ATOM II, was built specifically to retake the Australian 95 ci record from TEMPE of Western Australia. After a couple of years experimenting with the twin propeller gear box that he designed specially for the boat, he was able to raise the record from 64.4 MPH to 73.34 MPH in 1966. Even though the class has been changed to 100 ci ATOM II still holds the 100 ci record. The boat was later sold to Tony Pennington, set up as a racing boat similar to ATOM, you may remember him racing it under the name ATOMIC.

For approximately 10 years, Stan was either Trophy Master or assistant Trophy Master for the club, and for the same period, was A.P.B.A. Delegate for the Club and served on the Committee for a number of years. At present he is the A.P.B.A Co-Delegate. It was Stan who collected and framed the photographs of the many boats that adorn the walls of the Clubrooms.

After being elected President of the Victorian Artists Society and also President of the Victorian Artists Society and also President of the Association of Sculptors of Victoria, Stan couldn’t find as much time as he would have wanted to carry on all his Speedboating activities and so it was our loss when he retired from the Committee, but as mentioned before, he is still the A.P.B.A. Co-Delegate for the Club.

The Proprider - Page 18

In 1971 Stan was made a Life Member of the Victorian Council of the A.P.B.A. He still has the special twin propellers and gearbox from ATOM II and he hopes someday to have the time to build another boat to experiment further.

Extract from the magazine SEACRAFT January 1959
“In comparison to the number of boats racing in N.S.W., Victoria is a long was astern, however what the State lacks in quantity, it makes up in quality.

An outstanding boat from Melbourne is the tiny displacement ATOM, owned and driven by sculptor, Stan Hammond.

The power unit is a screaming hot Austin A 40 motor, with capacity of 73.17 c.i. During the 1957-58 racing season, Stan developed the boat’s speed from 49.058 MPH to 54.462 MPH. With recent modifications, this figure is expected to be increased to a mile a minute. Here is the impressive record officially recorded to ATOM:

In handicap racing, she started in 10 events for 3 firsts, 6 seconds and 1 third (eventually 22 consecutive wins from 22 starts).

In Championship racing, Stan has also done extremely well. He won the Victorian 95 c.i. displacement Championship and the V.S.B.C. Grand Championship Trophy for all 75 c.i. boats with an aggregate of 1400 pts.

Perhaps, even more impressive was ATOM’S record in speed trails.
During the 1957-58 season, she was credited with:
Australasian 75 ci Displacement Speedboat Record
Australian 75 ci Displacement Speedboat Record
Australasian 95 ci Displacement Speedboat Record
Australian 95 ci Displacement Speedboat Record
Victorian 95 ci Displacement Speedboat Record
Victorian 140 ci Displacement Speedboat Record

These records were clinched with a speed of 52.024 MPH over the measured Kilo course at Lake Cooper on 17th November 1957.

On the ST. George Club’s course six months later, Stan increased this speed to 54.562 MPH. In addition to the above records, he added the Victorian 225 c.i. Displacement Speedboat Record to the list. Thus in one year, Stan captured 15 National and State Records.”

“What a performance!” Stan Hammond, one of the “All Time Greats.” I’m sure all Members will agree. Congratulations Stan.

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The Proprider - Page 19
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