Formula Ford News – Ron Haylock Reports

Supplementary regulations for the 1972-73 season are in print and cover the modifications necessary for equivalence between the “original” GT1600 Cortina engine and the slightly modified XL engine in the current series. All Formula Ford boats to date use the original engine which has had its allowable compression ratio raised from 9.3:1 to 10:1. Much midnight oil has been spent by drivers calculating just how much can be planed off the cylinder block.

Good news from Leon Doule of the Ngambie Speedboat Club is that his Formula Ford displacement boat will be afloat soon. The 12-foot skiff was previously powered by a much modified 1500cc Cortina but Leon decided in the Formula idea after several very expensive blow-ups.

The previous owner of the boat, Barry Towler of Geelong, will hardly recognise it when he sees the rear-engined vee drive set-up being fitted.

Copies of the Formula Ford handbook and supplementary regulations can be had from Ron Haylock, Mt Waverly, Victoria.

Haylock, R. 1972, "Formula Ford News," Prop Torque - Seacraft Magazine, Oct, p. 70